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Dog Boarding Upper West Side

Dog Boarding Upper West Side

If you are leaving for business, vacation, or for any other reason but can’t bring your dog with you, you may be searching for dog boarding on the Upper West Side. If so, Benterprise Dog Walks is a full-spectrum doggy caregiver. We provide dog training, dog walking, dog daycare, and dog boarding services. All of our team members are highly trained dog lovers who deeply understand the nature and behavior of canines.

Your Dog is Safe with Us

At Benterprise Dog Walks, we understand that safety is a major concern of dog owners. The Internet is full of dog boarding horror stories. Dogs, even in NYC, have come home sick, been neglected in the care of dog boarders, and even abused outright at dog boarding facilities. As disturbing as these stories are, we sadly must acknowledge that these things occur more often than any of us would like to think. Therefore, we advise you to take your time and find the right place for your dog to board.

What is Dog Boarding?

By dog boarding, we mean overnight care. We also offer dog sitting or doggy daycare services where we watch your dog for an extended period (either in the morning, afternoon, or evening), but no overnight care is required. We offer two perks primarily with a slew of other benefits to boot.

Save $ with Us

First, we offer highly affordable rates. Don’t pay several hundred dollars or more per night to house your dog in a luxury suite. Trust us; your dog couldn’t care less about that. Your dog wants love, treats, stroking, walks, and playing, and this is exactly we provide for our overnight dog boarders.

Gain Peace of Mind

The second bonus we give our clients is peace of mind. Nobody wants to fret about how their dog is being treated while they’re separated. Despite our stellar reputation, we understand that most dog owners will inevitably worry. We want our clients and their dogs to have a stress-free experience when they hire us, and that is why we offer our clients unlimited face-time video calls and phone calls while they’re apart. We’ll let you see your dog live, and we’ll put your voice on speaker so you can talk to your pooch.

Special Requests are Honored

If you have any special requirements for your best friend or special requests, we will be happy to accommodate. Just tell us in advance, and we’ll make sure to do just as you ask. Whether your dog has a special diet, sleeps with a favorite pillow or toy, or any quirky or different thing that your dog needs, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll Come to You

Like all of our other services, we offer to bring the dog boarding to you. It can be stressful for dogs to spend the night in a strange place. Although we guarantee a safe and clean environment (your dog will not come home with flees or anything worse!), we are more than happy to provide dog boarding on the Upper West Side right in the safety and comfort of your home. Contact Benterprise Dog Walks to learn more.

Dog Boarding Upper West Side

Benterprise Dog Walking


Dog Boarding Upper West Side

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