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Adhd Vibrating Watch

Adhd Vibrating WatchLooking for an ADHD vibrating watch that will help remind you or your child to complete daily tasks, stay focused, or pay attention? The WatchMinder is a simple wristwatch that can be programmed to set up discreet vibrating reminders that can help children and adults focus, pay attention, manage their time, and modify their thoughts and behaviors. The creator of the WatchMinder, Dr. Laurence Becker saw the need for a tool that those with ADHD could use to help them focus throughout the day. He regularly recommended setting typical alarms for reminders, but normal watches have noisy alarms with limited functionality. After developing and selling twenty-thousand of the original WatchMinder watches, Dr. Becker eventually went on to create the WatchMinder 2 and finally the WatchMinder 3 after getting valuable feedback from customers. Satisfied customers have flooded him with positive testimonials sense, which you can view at WatchMinder.com. Not just used for those with ADHD, WatchMinder is also beneficial for those with chronic illnesses, diabetes, urinary incontinence, and asthma. Senior citizens need the watch to manage medication, and the vibrating function is useful for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. Thousands are also using the WatchMinder for relaxation and breathing techniques, and those who are religious use it to remember to pray. Workers who sit for long hours at a desk can set a reminder for them to stretch, and those going through rehabilitation can use it to remember specific exercises throughout their day. For those who have developmental issues, WatchMinder can set reminders for certain behaviors. For those that do have ADHD or who have children with ADHD, WatchMinder is the only ADHD vibrating watch of its kind. WatchMinder can help those with ADHD improve their daily lives and stay focused simply by using a watch. WatchMinder does not require a computer or someone who is tech savvy. It comes with 65 pre-programmed messages, and is so simple even a child can program it. At only $69 for a limited time, WatchMinder is a bargain. A fashionable watch with classic style, WatchMinder goes with any outfit and does not stand out from any other watch. Available in white or black , WatchMinder also has optional velcro interchangeable bands in pink, blue, black or red. The watch is completely waterproof, not just water resistant, and has a rechargeable battery that prevents that need for expensive replacement batteries. The WatchMinder comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 1 year warranty that gives you the confidence that WatchMinder is a quality product that will last for years. Call 1-800-961-0023 today to order by phone or visit watchminder.com to order online. You can also go to the blog to ask Dr. Becker any questions about ADHD, LD, aspergers and autism spectrum concerns. Tired of letting AHDH take over your or your child's life? Wish there was a simple solution to help you manage your daily activities? WatchMinder is the best solution for anyone with ADHD. Adhd Vibrating Watch